At OCEC we believe dental health is a key component of your horse’s wellness. We recommend annual dental exams to look for possible issues before they become a larger problem. These issues would include sharp points that cause ulcerations, malocclusions, teeth infections, and many other conditions that might occur.

Signs Your Horse May Need A Dental: 

  •  Fighting the bit and resisting training
  • Weight loss
  • Unilateral nasal discharge with a strong odor
  • Drooling or Quidding
  • Head tilting or tossing
  • Dropping feed

Procedures Available:

  • Routine Annual Dental Exams
  • Wolf Tooth Extractions
  • Molar Extractions

What to Expect at a Dental Exam:

The doctor will do a thorough examination of the horse's mouth. This often requires sedation. If it is determined that the horse needs dental work done, the horse will then be sedated and a speculum put in their mouth. The doctor will then perform whatever procedure is deemed necessary. If you have any questions about this or think your horse is due for a dental exam, please give us a call.


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