Preventative Health

Prevention is much less expensive and more successful than treatment!

Horse health and longevity is every owner’s dream. Oklahoma City Equine Clinic’s wellness programs are the foundation for long-term health, providing vet-recommended preventative services with added incentive. We strongly believe that preventative care is the best tool for long-term health. Not only is preventative medicine important, but the one-on-one interaction with the veterinarian will ensure your horse is on the right track to health.

These programs were created from our 30+ years of experience and success in horse care. We provide cost effective options that can be easily tailored to an owner’s needs.

Preventative Health Programs

  •  Wellness Exams and Vaccinations
  • Dental Exam
  • Lameness Exams
  • Reproductive Exams for Mares & Stallion

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