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Welcome to Oklahoma City Equine Clinic!

At OCEC, our doctors focus on providing the best care possible for our patients.  Using the latest advancements in equine medicine, our doctors will work with you to provide your horse with the highest care, all-inclusive diagnosis and full-service treatments.

OCEC facilitates management of patients requiring routine, emergency, or intensive care. The hospital has 27 renovated hospital stalls with an intensive care unit that is climate controlled. This allows OCEC's veterinarians and staff to provide in depth medical and hospitalization services. We have a 24 hour technical staff that is able to provide support and treatment to patients (both adults and neonates) with intensive care needs and supportive care to post-operative cases.

Additionally, OCEC equips ambulatory vehicles with mobile equipment to provide routine preventative maintenance procedures, investigation of health concerns, and 24 hour emergency care.  This allows our veterinarians to care to your horse in the field.  Our veterinarians will evaluate your horse and administer the appropriate treatments and if deemed necessary, discuss with you the option of referring your horse into the clinic for more intensive care.

Please take some time to explore our services and if you have any questions, please contact us.

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