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Diagnostic Tools & Equipment

The hospital at Oklahoma City Equine Clinic provides extensive imaging equipment allowing our veterinarians to complete comprehensive diagnostics of various disease processes and injuries. Some of our key pieces of equipment include:

Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography allows for immediate viewing of the image which facilitates on-site reading of the radiographic study. By using digital radiography as a diagnostic tool, treatment can often begin immediately, rather that the wait for processing and developing of film. Our digital images can be sent digitally to our clients, farriers, or other veterinarians for consultations. This valuable, timesaving technology results in a significantly higher quality of patient care.


Ultrasound is also available to our clients to improve diagnostic capabilities for lameness, medicine, and reproduction. We offer reproductive ultrasonography as well as diagnostic ultrasonography. Ultrasound is a crucial diagnostic tool for the diagnosis of soft tissue lesions.


Endoscopy and Gastroscopy allow our doctors to better diagnose patients for an array respiratory diseases as well as upper gastrointestinal problems including equine gastric ulcer syndrome.

Full Service in-house diagnostics laboratory

OCEC has a full service in-house laboratory which allows us to run crucial lab tests immediately to expedite diagnosis and treatment options insuring the best care for your horse. We utilize outside laboratories for specialized testing.