Stallion Management

Here at OCEC our staff members are trained to create a safe and clean environment for your stallion to learn or to continue his breeding care.  Our many services include:

1.Training for phantom mounting, AV use, and live cover breeding

2. Complete Breeding Soundness Exam 

3. Management and proper care for your stallion year round, breeding season, or on a haul in basis 

4. Sub-fertile stallion management options    

       a. Concentration Centrifugation technique    

       b. Density Gradient Centrifugation technique (Equipure)   

        c. Low-dose Insemination techniques   

        d. Mare management techniques to optimize stallion performance

5. Semen Evaluations 

6. Cooled and Frozen semen shipping for domestic and international shipments

7. Semen Freezing

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